Engineering Services – eZround

eZround Roundness Upgrade System

Breathe new life into your old roundness gage with complete data acquisition and comprehensive roundness analysis system running on a modern PC with Windows XP or later operating system. The eZround system can be installed to upgrade most any roundness measurement system, Mahr, Taylor Hobson, Zeiss, TSK, Sheffield/Bendix, Hommel, Precision Devices, Jenoptik, etc.

eZround System Features:

  • 24 bit digital probe signal conditioner
  • Direct to PC with RS232 or USB
  • 24-Bit Resolution
  • Storage for 2 Calibrated Probes
  • Selectable Probe Gains
  • Data acquisition and calibration software
  • Comprehensive Roundness Analysis Software

eZround Analysis Software Features:

 Filter types:

  • Gaussian
  • Robust Spline-Based Gaussian (based on robust regression)
  • Fourier (“brick wall”)
  • 2CR-PC

Reference Circles:

  • Least Squares Circle (LSC)
  • Minimum Zone Circles (MZC)
  • Maximum Inscribed Circle (MIC)
  • Minimum Circumscribed Circle (MCC)


  • Roundness (same as circular element “flatness”)
  • Roundness Peak
  • Roundness Valley
  • RMS Roundness
  • Runout/Eccentricity
  • Eccentricity Angle
  • Sector Roundness
  • Concentricity
  • Harmonics

Harmonic Tolerancing
Bandpass Filtering
Data Eliminations- Interrupted Surface Analysis
Outlier Removal
Data Adjustment
Parameter Export to spread sheet

Comprehensive Analysis Software

  • Apply the latest metrology tools (many are not yet available in instruments) including:
    – Robust filtering – a methodology recently introduced in ISO.
  • Export parameter results to a spreadsheet file.
  • Analyze harmonics and apply tolerance and warning limits to each harmonic.