Precision Measurement Services

Precision Measurement Services:

Numerical Engineering provides precision measurement and evaluation services for a wide range of manufacturing industries.

We have comprehensive metrology and metallurgy capabilities including one of the largest measurement machines in North America. We specialize in surface finish measurement, roundness measurement and special metallurgical analysis to support our precision machining customers.

Our capabilities encompass the four basic components of a honed, ground, or precision machined part – size, geometry, surface roughness, and surface metallurgical integrity. We have developed special measurement procedures and technologies specific to the honing and grinding industries with emphasis on accuracy, repeatability, and efficiency. Solve Metrology has been a leader in developing evaluation technologies for the honing and grinding industry for over 30 years.

Our measurement capabilities include:

Surface Finish Analysis
3D Surface Finish Analysis
Scanning Electron Microscopy
Metallurgical Analysis
Fax Film Surface Analysis
Torn and Folded Metal Analysis
Graphite Pullout Analysis
Percent Open Graphite Analysis
Graphite Nodule Analysis
Dimensional Measurement
Form Measurement
Roundness Measurement
Cylindricity Measurement
Concentricity Measurement
Flatness Measurement
Straightness Measurement